Shark Week Survival Kit


It was a stressful week for me to begin with, so, of course…

Duh duh…duh duh…

Duh duh, duh duh, duh duh, duh duh…

Shark week! Awe man!

For any male subscribers – who are clueless right now, see the urban dictionary at this link if you do not understand:

Doesn’t it always seem like Shark week happens to appear on the worst possible day or time? Just when you ran out of chocolate, just when your husband had to work late and your kids had tons of sugar, just when you have no possible moment to huddle into the fetal position and hide from the crazy that awaits your day. Well, my survival kit is not going to take away all of the emotional roller coaster or the crappy side effects that come along with the visit from aunt flo. However, it will help you to deal with everything a little better and come out of this with your sanity in tact. I consider that a success!

Here’s my go to list of Shark Week Survival Kit Items that I need to make it through the week without hurting people – my family included! Some of these are sugar-free items because I am a THM follower, but if you do not have any dietary or allergy restrictions, do what you have to do – your sisters understand and pass no judgement!

Chocolat Stella Stevia sweetened dark chocolate bar – see: HERE  (or Lilly’s sugar-free chocolate bar – see: here
Skinnygirl liquid Stevia sweetener: click here and butter for Bulletproof coffee!
No Bake cookies THM approved by: Sherri Graham:

iPhone, phone charger, iTunes access and ear buds for seclusion from the world
fuzzy blanket, fuzzy slippers, heating pad if necessary
Netflix and laptop or TV
PUR gum: sugar and aspartame free (have to gnaw on something 🙂
Clubbin with my Soda or GoodGirl Moonshine from THM – stay hydrated! See my recipe :
peanut butter in any form
yoga pants or sweatpants

Midol or Tylenol

iron pills or iron rich foods

chick flicks to watch alone or with hubby if he dares

a good novel

That should do it! Here’s to keeping our cool (as much as possible) and getting through Shark week with our sanity in tact!





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