He Really Cares!


He Really Cares!

The above photo is of my husband and my oldest son, Ethan. Ethan was scared to go into the pond with fish in it, so Sam was giving him a pep talk. God wants to do the same thing with us, sometimes. He is there for us, reassuring us and helping us in our times of stress, fear, worry, anything that we care about.

It’s so funny the lessons that we learn from our children, because we act just like them when we are with God.
Sometimes I find myself censoring my prayers,  because I feel like He has much bigger and more important things to do than listen to His beloved child. As if God does not already know what I’m thinking and feeling. Um…hello…. Why would I even try to hide anything or pretend that something doesn’t bother me when I’m talking to the creator of the Universe – the all-powerful – all knowing God? I have done this time and time again, but I am determined to break the habit!
Don’t get in that rut like I did! God is here for you and He cares about what may seem like the smallest little insignificant thing, if it’s something that you truly care about, worry about, hope for, dream of, etc.

Example#1: I was reminded of this, again, while our life group for church was going through an excellent Devotional for married couples. It’s called iMarriage by Andy Stanley. You can take a look at the DVD study:HERE

Andy says “You may be thinking…well why would God care about something like that? Because, He cares about you! God cares so much about you that He cares about the stuff that you care about!”
Example#2: I was running outside the other day and felt some sprinkles – the wind started picking up and the clouds were getting darker and darker. Of-course it was beautiful and sunny when I walked out the door, because it is Michigan ad the weather likes to change three times in one day :). I doubted for a bit, but after a minute of stalling, I prayed that God would hold off the rain because I did not want to get soaked, I had to go back to work when I was done, my mascara would run, I would be late, blah blah blah blah. Even as I was praying, I thought to myself – “This is so petty! Why am I really concerned about this when God has much bigger things to handle like Earthquake devastation and starving children?” But, guess what happened!? As soon as I got back into my office, I heard the rain pouring down on the roof!

Yes – our world has hazards, has devastation, and God is with those who suffer and works to help them recover. But then why would I think that He doesn’t have the time or the will to hold off a rainstorm for a few minutes while I get to shelter? He does! HE IS THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! You might think “Yes, but why does He care about this little thing?” It’s not that He cares about the little thing, it’s that He cares about you! You are his precious child!
Example #3: My 2 year old, Shawn, is in an “I do it myself” phase. He wants to turn on and off the lights (although he can’t reach them). He wants to hang up his own coat, take off his own shoes, and pick out his bedtime book. As his parent, it would be so much easier for me to just do all that stuff for him and not have to sit waiting for him to take 5 minutes to take his shoes off. But I care about Shawn and I love that he is showing an independent streak like his momma :). It’s not a big deal to me who takes his shoes off, I just want them off and put away, but I know that it is a big deal to him. So, most of the time I accommodate him and give him his space to try it so that he can feel satisfied that he is a big boy and the task still gets done.

There are also times when we have to run out the door or run to the potty or there is some other crazy chaos in the house and I have to stop Shawn from his independent ways before he hurts himself or someone else, etc. When Shawn and Ethan are fighting, inevitably that is when I have to go to the bathroom. Frequently, I have to take Shawn in the bathroom with me when I have to run to the potty in order to prevent many owies while mommy is pre-occupied with a potty break. Shawn wines that I am taking him from his toys and Ethan wines that he is left alone in the room. One time I had to stop Shawn from running out in the road after a ball. One time I had to stop him from “helping me” get dinner out of the oven. Shawn inevitably does not understand why and throws a royal fit on the floor while I thank God that I was able to stop him from yet another close call.

Let me be clear. God is not my short order cook coming to my beck and call and answering every quick prayer the second I pray it or think it. Life is messy and we don’t see the big picture. God does! No, God is not always going to stop the rain for me. No, He is not going to make my kids well-behaved every single day or make my hair perfect right in time for that important meeting or suddenly suck all of the extra fat out of my body just because I asked nicely.

I have come to realize that I do not always know what is best for me and that God sometimes does not grant my prayer requests, not to frustrate me, but to protect me, or to prepare me for something.  Sometimes I have no idea what is coming around the corner or if God has something better in store for me than what I am asking for and I just can’t see it yet. He may remind me that there is a big picture I am not thinking about at the time and my concern will have to be put on hold. But, God never wants us to hold back from asking for the little things that we care about and worry about and struggle with on a daily basis. He cares about us, therefore, He cares about what we care about! I am so thankful!

Isaiah 49:15-16 Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.”

Remember to involve God in your life with both the big and the little things. Blessings!