Welcome and enjoy!


My name is Aubree Kraut. I am 31, married to the love of my life, and have 2 wonderful young boys. As most busy working moms, I sometimes find myself waiting for the next big event, the next holiday, the next exciting weekend, etc. The point of this blog is to remind not only myself, but also those around me, that we all need to stop and live in the here and now and enjoy life sometimes. Sometimes, we need to be goofy with our kids, go on a date night, and just enjoy life the way that we were created to.

I promise to be honest with you, while not revealing unwanted or unnecessary information;). I welcome your comments, although, I ask that any complaints be sent to me privately. I hope that I can inspire you and you can inspire me while we go through the ups and downs of this journey called life together!

Many blessings!


My hubby and I on a date night!My hubby and I on a date night!