Having Faith is Brave

Have you ever been told that you only have faith in God if you are weak and can’t manage your stress on your own or don’t have compassionate friends and family to support you?

Here’s what I have to say to that –  Since when is believing in something higher than you or greater than you weak?  Many people with no faith in God believe in love. Does that mean they are weak? No! I’m sure that there are atheists who believe in the wind around them. Can they see the wind? No! They see the effects of the wind: trees blowing, flags dancing back and forth, toys blowing across the yard that have been long forgotten, etc. Do people question what is causing these things just because they can’t see the wind? No! They acknowledge that the wind is the reason these objects are moving around without anyone pushing them!  Although, we can not see it and it is many times unpredictable, it is real and affects everything around us. Aren’t Christians (or really any believers of God) really taking the same viewpoint? I can not prove God’s existence with a bunch of tangible scientific evidence. However, I have seen God affect my life and the lives of those around me to the point that I can not deny that God is real!

HAVING FAITH is not easy, not a cop-out, not weak! Having faith in my God, having faith that somehow He works out all things for the good of those who love Him, that takes guts, it takes bravery, but it is so rewarding and so fulfilling! I am far from perfect, but God is gracious and loves me anyways.  Therefore, I will continue to testify and display my faith for anyone who listens and I will do so bravely.